Project Description

Vaida Metals Sculpting

Custom Metal Design, Sculpting and Fabrication

Vaida creates custom sculptural art from a variety of metals. His work is elegant, graceful, and often functional, by design. With a focus grounded in placement and use, these contemporary, organic forms are handcrafted to compliment and flow with the unique aesthetic of their environment. Personality, function, and surroundings are key elements for designing and fabricating pieces that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Vaida has spent many years perfecting his trade. His work showcases an assortment of metals, such as copper and stainless steel. He particularly enjoys incorporating recycled, discarded or re-used metals and found objects into his projects. Vaida seeks out beauty and shape in a given piece in its raw form, then twists and bends the metal to bring out the full potential hidden within.